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ABC: 21% YoY digital uplift for national newsbrands in April

The official ABC figures for April 2017 show that the UK national newspaper market enjoyed a 21% year on year uplift across digital platforms, adding up to 36 million unique browsers daily. Growth was not just limited to digital, with print circulations up month on month across mid-market and quality titles.

In the month that Theresa May called a general election, tensions rose between America and North Korea, and the London Marathon championed mental health awareness, UK newsbrands saw an extra 6.2  million unique browsers on average accessing digital content every day, compared with April 2016.

The Evening Standard averaged 756,458 unique browsers per day in April, its highest yet - which is an uplift of 4% month on month and 54% year on year. The title’s monthly traffic witnessed a 49% year on year increase.

The Sun recorded the largest annual growth in its daily traffic, up 101%. The title’s monthly traffic also increased by 116% year on year, totalling 43 million more unique browsers than last year.

The Independent recorded 94.5 million browsers over the course of April, a 50% uplift from last year. This works out as 4.8 million average unique browsers daily, representing a rise of 45% year on year.

With 233 million unique browsers over the course of the month, MailOnline maintains its position as the UK’s most visited newsbrand site. The title received an average of 15.1 million unique daily browsers in April, up 8% year on year.

Meanwhile, Metro accumulated over 35 million unique browsers, giving it an increase of 40% year on year. Similarly, daily average unique browsers were up 41% year on year, averaging 1.7 million browsers a day.

The Telegraph attracted more than four million browsers a day in April, a 4% month on month and year on year increase. This contributed to a 5% year on year increase in its monthly traffic. It reached 88 million browsers in total across the course of the month.

The Mirror recorded five million daily unique browsers on average, a rise of 8% year on year. The title accumulated just under 87 million total unique browsers across April, its highest yet.

Growth was not just limited to digital, with print circulations up month on month across the majority of titles. Metro distributed an additional 132,516 copies in comparison to last year, working out to an impressive 10% year on year increase.

The Daily Mail’s circulation increased by 0.8% month on month and The Sun experienced an uplift of 1% month on month.

In the quality sector, The Times' circulation grew by 2.1% year on year and 1% month on month. The Daily Telegraph witnessed a 1.5% month on month increase and The Guardian sold an additional 579 copies every day compared to March.  

Overall circulation remained stable with 8,900 extra newspapers sold each day in April in comparison to last month.

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Digital titles Apr-17 MoM % YoY %
Daily Ave. UB Total
Daily Ave. UB Total
Daily Ave. UB Total
Evening Standard 756,458 15,762,687 3.70% -1.16% 53.58% 49.10%
MailOnline 15,118,004 233,070,518 -2.27% -4.29% 7.68% 5.93%
Metro 1,681,174 35,430,728 -2.85% -4.75% 40.94% 39.54%
Telegraph 4,280,004 87,976,152 4.45% 1.81% 3.69% 4.75%
The Independent 4,763,694 94,538,706 -0.68% 0.76% 45.03% 49.90%
The Sun 4,700,903 80,208,407 2.71% -0.36% 100.51% 116.02%
Mirror Group Nationals 4,922,384 86,586,082 -0.61% -1.85% 7.82% 1.92%


Daily newspapers  Apr-17 MoM % YoY %
Daily Mail 1,454,073 0.77% -5.91%
Daily Mirror 687,000 -0.76% -12.56%
i 263,826 -0.55% -7.25%
London Evening Standard 878,290 -2.56% -2.43%
The Daily Telegraph 467,601 1.52% -6.19%
The Guardian 154,010 0.38% -9.10%
The Sun 1,617,152 0.93% -5.78%
The Times 445,737 1.13% 2.07%
Metro (dmg media) UK Group 1,480,110 0.06% 9.83%

YoY growth (%)

Source: ABC April 2017
by Zainab Pirzada 18/05/17

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