Case studies

These advertising case studies showcase the best examples of newsbrand advertising across print and digital. Each campaign below demonstrates how newsbrands were used to deliver one of six communication roles:

Address an issue: focus on a specific issue or event

Build trust: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Change minds: change consumer opinion of a brand

Education & understanding: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Fame & stature: create the sense of brand momentum

Prompt action: cause consumer action, directly or indirectly impacting sales

SodaStream - Using newsbrands to put the fizz back into SodaStream

How SodaStream shifted its tactic from TV to newsbrands, to reinvigorate an iconic brand into the modern 21st century kitchen, by utilising weekend supplements. 

The campaign's primary objective was to change brand perceptions - as a machine providing carbonated water and not just 'fizzy pop', and to establish a new audience of upmarket women.

Accomplishing this required a healthy mix of rational proof points, which would give people ideas about new ways to use the machine and emotional messaging, in order to create desire for the gadget.

With Goodstuffs guidance, SodaStream had unparalleled efficiency against their target audience. The editorial content of supplements covering food, lifestyle, health & wellbeing etc. provided the perfect positioning for SodaStream to target and engage upmarket women.


  • By going back to basics and re-examining their approach to media and messaging, SodaStream was successfully able to increase sales and create a brand new target audience
  • Pre and post campaign research investigating the effect on brand image showed increased awareness, consideration and also association with water

A newsbrand-centric solution was certainly a departure for us, but one that paid off handsomely. The reach and influence of newsbrands with our new audience was fundamental to the success of this campaign.

Rachel Smith, UK marketing director, SodaStream

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