Case studies

These advertising case studies showcase the best examples of newsbrand advertising across print and digital. Each campaign below demonstrates how newsbrands were used to deliver one of six communication roles:

Address an issue: focus on a specific issue or event

Build trust: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Change minds: change consumer opinion of a brand

Education & understanding: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Fame & stature: create the sense of brand momentum

Prompt action: cause consumer action, directly or indirectly impacting sales

Channel 4 – C4 Paralympics

How a major newspaper campaign helped Channel 4 to drive awareness and viewership of its Paralympics coverage, while shifting perceptions of Paralympic athletes.

Channel 4 won the TV rights to the London 2012 Paralympics, taking over from the BBC for the first time. This was an incredible opportunity for Channel 4 to not only drive unprecedented viewing for a home Games, but also a historic moment to re-shape society's views on disability. The campaign was built up from the line: 'Meet the Superhumans'. It had to capture the Herculean efforts and extraordinary achievements of these athletes but also the odds they'd overcome – emotionally, physically and otherwise.

Newspapers were chosen due to their unrivalled coverage of the games, which meant topical placements could be used to amplify Channel 4's involvement, while creating excitement and building anticipation.

The first print ads targeted the Olympic closing ceremony with a bold newspaper campaign saying: 'Thanks For The Warm Up' - playfully re-positioning the Olympics as a prelude to the Paralympics.

The two week gap between the Olympics and Paralympics was filled with a dual message of 'Meet the Superhumans' and 'Opening Ceremony' across newsbrand titles

As well as driving awareness and viewing, the campaign also changed perceptions around disability. The broadcaster received very positive feedback and a significant proportion of viewers agreed they felt more positive towards disabled people as a result of Channel 4's coverage of the Paralympics.

Key findings

  • Awareness that Channel 4 would host the Paralympics rose from 21% to 56%, while intention to view reached 86%
  • The opening ceremony had a peak audience of 11.6 million viewers – Channel 4's biggest success for over 10 years
  • 87% of adults who recalled seeing the campaign went on to watch the Paralympics
  • 64% of viewers agreed they felt more positive towards disabled people as a result of Channel 4's coverage of the Paralympics
  • 85% of those who saw Channel 4's Paralympics campaign thought that disabled athletes are as talented as able-bodied athletes

ITV sport tour de france

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How a partnership between the Guardian and ITV helped to deliver record levels of viewership for ITV4

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How Audible partnered with the Evening Standard to cement the association between Audible and running

knowledge about sport

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82% of people who say they have a large amount of knowledge about sport are newsbrand readers

health and fitness

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