How a small, farm-yard animal might just be the answer

Delving further into creativity, Newsworks’ Creative Director Ben Wright takes a look at the three Cs of delivering creative success. 

I recently wrote about the difference between creativity and creative – there is a big difference:

“Creativity is the solution to a problem. Design (‘creative’) is the delivery.”

But how do you make the delivery deliver?

When it comes to making successful creative, here are three things you should consider:


I think we sometimes forget that advertising is aimed at us – humans. It’s such an obvious thing but I think we need reminding. As humans, it is in our nature to respond to emotions, we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. And it is these feelings be it funny, sad, happy, angry, excitement or fear that prompt action.

I still remember seeing a newspaper ad for the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) charity that had a very bold and simple headline: “I WISH MY SON HAD CANCER.” DMD has no cure and for those who have it, they often don’t survive beyond their 20s. And perhaps even sadder, as you read on, you uncover that you have a better chance of survival if you have cancer.

DMD print ad

I saw that ad 6 years ago and I still think about it because of how it connected with my emotions.

The emotional connection doesn’t always have to be deep and meaningful. Simple and light-hearted can work brilliantly too. As we’ll see, things that make us laugh (and swoon a little – come on, who doesn’t like a cute animal?) can be just as powerful.


The advertising space is just as important as the creative itself. How often do you see a still from a TV ad that later becomes a print ad, web banners or a #AD on Instagram? When the creative is crafted to compliment the environment it’s in, it brings the ad to a whole new level.

VW T-Roc ad campaign Bam the Ram gif

When it comes to crafting different medias, the folks at adam&eveDDB and PHD know all about this. For Volkswagen’s T-Roc campaign, we were introduced to ‘Bam the Ram’. Bam brought his news brands ad to life by ramming through the confines of his ad space and butting into others. The overall concept for the campaign was brilliant but the focus on crafting the creative for the specific ad space was genius – it’s one of my favourites (and other’s too – it won 14 awards locally and globally – including a Newsworks Planning Award.


The impact of your creative will achieve an incredible boost if you add news brands to the media mix. By adding news brands to ‘legacy’ media such as TV, OOH and key digital media like social and video, you will make huge increases to the business effects (+66% increase for TV in business effectiveness and twice as effective for social media). 

Bam the Ram Out of Home advertising

Continuing with the tale of Bam, this is exactly what Volkswagen did. With campaigns running on TV, OOH, digital and social, the news brands supercharged this activity using their multi-platforms. The results were impressive – the T-Roc became the UK car market’s most visited website, Volkswagen’s brand consideration rose by 7% points, customer demand outstripped supply and it was the UK’s most successful small SUV launch in 7 years, at the time of the campaign. 

Impressive work for a small, plucky ram.

Ben Wright 19/02/20

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