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The Guardian debuts a special edition podcast 'Innermost'

The podcast invites readers inside the homes of The Guardian listeners and is hosted by journalist Leah Green.

A special six-part podcast series, Innermost takes you behind the scenes of people’s lives, giving you an opportunity to listen to the small, funny or tragic, weird or wonderful moments they have recently faced.

Each episode of Innermost will take the audience to new corners of the globe. From a 30-year-old heroin addict in London, to a woman in India who only met her husband once prior to lockdown and a secret, escalating war between neighbours in North West England, over bird seed.

Beginning today, the first episode of Innermost takes listeners to Kuala Lumpur, where a young woman is in lockdown with her brother who has an acute mental illness. Through cooking him meals she begins to repair their damaged relationship and understand his condition more.

Leah Green, the host of Innermost and a multimedia producer for The Guardian, said: “Innermost feels really different from other The Guardian podcasts, because its main aim is to delight, rather than inform. You won't hear any expert voices or analysis, just unprecedented access into the lives of people that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to meet.  

“We have also made sound design a huge part of the podcast. Working with composer and sound designer, Pascal Wyse, on this has enabled us to provide a product that is as rich sonically as it is in content."

Christian Bennett, executive editor for multimedia journalism, Guardian News & Media, added: “The Guardian is committed to hosting rich and diverse conversations from politics to football and science. Giving our readers a platform to voice their views helps us see things from a range of perspectives – there is a lot we can learn from personal stories.

 “We continue to expand our podcast offering, every month we reach millions of The Guardian listeners around the world. We have been a market leader in podcasts for 15 years and we see opportunities for growth as audio consumption increases.” 

New episodes of Innermost will be released every Tuesday for a limited run and can be listened to on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast or the podcast app of your choice. Readers can share their experiences with Leah and the Innermost team here

Innermost is proudly supported by Vodafone. Vodafone believes it has never been more important to keep connecting with our families and friends.

Source: Guardian News & Media

by Hannah Ohm Thomas 23/06/20

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