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The Daily Telegraph launches ‘Metrics that Matter’

The new approach aims to drive digital effectiveness and better brand outcomes.

The big question for many marketers, with the wealth of attention and outcome metrics available, is how to understand the right measurements for their campaigns. To answer this, The Daily Telegraph is launching ‘Metrics That Matter’, attention analytics and learnings that will enable them to guarantee an increase in brand recall, consideration and purchase intent, as well as performance – the first such commitment from any publisher. 

‘Metrics That Matter’ will be available to all digital display advertisers who spend over £15,000 per campaign. For the first time, The Daily Telegraph will track and report on a campaign’s performance across attention metrics including attention quality, interaction, active dwell and ‘gold below the fold’. The report will also include predictive heat-map analysis of the creative to help advertisers understand where user attention is likely to land. 

A wealth of industry research from bodies including Enders, the IPA, IAB, Newsworks and leading agency groups proves that quality, reader-first environments deliver long-term memory encoding and better campaign effectiveness. Yet performance ad metrics such as click-through rate still dominate measurement, regardless of objective. 

Attention metrics reporting and optimisation is the first stage of ‘Metrics That Matter’. This will lead to a set of robust attention benchmarks that will then allow The Daily Telegraph to commit to offering brand uplift guarantees against media investment. 

Karen Eccles, Director of Commercial Innovation, The Daily Telegraph, says: “Metrics That Matter is the innovative first stage in giving advertisers transparent reporting and optimisation on attention metrics that deliver better brand outcomes. It is the result of taking the best industry research and combining it with a deep understanding of what works on our site for our readers. ‘Metrics That Matter’ will prove the value of premium digital display as a serious brand-building, awareness and sales-driving tool.”

Source: The Telegraph

by Hannah Ohm Thomas 22/11/19

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