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Newspapers and online ran the second wave of "All in, all together" branded content over the bank holiday weekend.

The coronavirus pandemic has spiked a surge in misleading health advice, cybercrime and fraud.

Under the messaging “Sharing the right information can saves lives. You can help by only using and sharing trusted and accountable sources”, the latest wave of branded content aims to help the public navigate the world of misinformation. 

On Friday 8th May, sponsored articles appeared across national, regional and local titles in print and online. 

Examples included a story in the Evening Standard about a 66-year-old who received what looked like government texts demanding that she pay a £35 fine for leaving her house more than twice a day, a checklist about how to spot false information via the Belfast Telegraph and The Sun lists examples of what scams could look like.

This is the second wave of sponsored content from the government and newspaper industry's “All in, all together” campaign, the first of which came earlier last week and celebrated community heroes.

“All in, all together” was launched last month with a cover wrap and homepage takeover, the partnership aims to help keep the public safe and the nation united throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign idea was developed by the newspaper industry as a way of delivering government communications in an intimate, human and compassionate tone that readers can relate to.

Stay to up to date with the latest news from the “All in, all together” campaign here.

by Hannah Ohm Thomas 11/05/20

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