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Quality journalism outperforms tech platforms

The latest data released by PAMCo shows UK journalism reaches greater audiences across the monthly, weekly and daily measures, when compared against the US-based tech platforms.

  • Total UK news brand sector reaches 48 million people a month, 45 million a week and 31 million people a day
  • That’s five million and six million more people than Facebook and Google’s respective monthly audiences
  • National news brands’ combined audience leads platforms by 2.5 million (monthly) and two million (weekly)
  • Daily readership of online national news grew by 3.5 million year-on-year to close gap on the platforms’ daily number

The total monthly news brand audience numbers – which includes national and regional titles – currently sits at 48 million people, while 31 million people read a news brand every day.

Those numbers put the news industry comfortably ahead of Facebook – the nearest rival – by five million people a month, and by nearly two million people daily.

Every month 45 million people read a national news brand which again outstrips the US based tech platforms by 2.5 million people.

The PAMCo 4 2019 numbers also show that digital daily readership of 19 million across the UK’s national news brands demonstrates an increase of 3.5 million daily readers when compared to a year ago. 

That impressive online growth of 24% outstripped Facebook’s 3% (+854k) increase and Google’s audience decline of two million people (-7%).

Combined with print readership (11 million daily) overall national news brand daily readership currently rests at 26 million people, a total audience rise of 8% year-on-year.

Tracy De Groose, Executive Chair of Newsworks, said: “Real journalism. Real audiences. Real reach. These latest figures from PAMCo are further evidence that concentrating digital spend into quality journalistic environments delivers.

“News readership is at record levels – and it is still growing – as more and more people are demanding reliable and trusted sources of news, analysis and insight.

“To outperform the platforms across these audience metrics is impressive and as the digital world continues to shift the next phase of digital advertising is looking significantly brighter for publishers.”

You can view the complete readership breakdown here.


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