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Newsworks on tour: New Zealand

Insight Director Denise Turner visits News Works New Zealand to discuss the role news brands play in engaging consumers.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to spend time with our colleagues in New Zealand to talk about a new piece of neuroscience research carried out by Neuro-Insight called Inside the brains of your consumers.

At events with marketers and agencies in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, I shared the stage with Professor Emeritus Richard Silberstein, Chairman of Neuro-Insight and Jacqueline Farman from the Purpose Business to discuss how consumers really engage with advertising. 

We talked about how the research allows us to understand the roles of different channels, how they can work together with other mediums and finally, look at how they can strengthen the channel strategies of advertisers to optimise ROI.

Key findings uncovered that people reading a newspaper are far more focussed with higher levels of emotional intensity in both the stories and advertising than while watching TV. However, not one channel can do everything, and they all have complementary roles to play. When the channels are used in combination, there is a significant increase in effectiveness.

As part of the presentations, I also talked about our Context Matters neuroscience study - again by Neuro-Insight - which looks at how not all digital is equal and that quality content delivers greater engagement and long-term memory encoding. The theme of channels working together came through for us too as quality sites play a different but complementary role to other forms of digital content such as social.

The biggest takeaway and observation for me was how similar the news brand industries are – even though they are (very literally) miles apart!   

Even on the other side of the world, advertisers and news brand advocates face the same challenges and opportunities over readership growth, platform diversification, trust and context. I loved the optimism and motivation shown by the team at News Works New Zealand, they are a credit to their publishers.

Thanks Brian, Lorne, Muirie, Viv and the rest of the team for giving me such a warm welcome!

It is fair to say, I have come back with a renewed enthusiasm to continue the work of promoting news brands to drive revenue back into the sector.

by Denise Turner 12/09/19

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