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Muslim and Jewish orgs unite against Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred

The impactful news brand ads read "we're on the same page."

The charity ‘Muslims against Antisemitism’ (MAAS) has joined forces with the ‘Jewish Leadership Council’ (JLC) to bring a stop to the spread of Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred, after recent events in the Middle East.

The copy reads: “Today, we speak as one. At a time when emotions are running high over the desperate situation in the Middle East, Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred are spiking alarmingly across the world, and across each side of the political divide. 

“We accept that there’s much to disagree about, whichever side of the argument we sit. But let us disagree without hatred. Let us negotiate in good faith in search of a just solution.” 

The ad will run in The Times, The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, i, Metro, The Daily Telegraph and The Jewish Chronicle.

The campaign reinforces the use of news brands as a powerful tool to bring the nation together. Newsworks' recent 'Come Together' study, which surveyed respondents from around the UK over a four-year period, found that although the majority admitted they'd lost the art of listening to each other, 75% of people said are now making a concerted effort to try and understand different perspectives.

Find out more via Campaign.


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