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Happy 21st birthday Metro

The publication celebrates its innovation, creativity and readers with a month full of activities.

To mark its birthday, the news brand takes a look at some of its favourite moments from over the past years.

Celebrating creativity, the team at Mail Metro Media has shared #ThrowbackThursday posts across its social channels. Every Thursday, they highlight Metro’s favourite campaigns from the past year such as Metro getting the red nose treatment for Comic Relief and the musical cover wrap for 20th Century Fox: Bohemian Rhapsody

Also this month, the publisher is giving industry friends the opportunity to win 21 amazing prizes; from a year-long gym membership to an Apple Watch. You can enter here.

The man behind the paper editor Ted Young did a ‘60 seconds with editor Ted Young’ interview to talk about cuppas, the biggest misconception of the paper and the best piece of advice he has been given. This is an extract from the interview:

What’s been your hairiest moment in the editor’s chair?
There have been plenty. I remember stopping the presses for the first edition at just before 10 pm when Madonna fell off the stage at the Brits in 2015. We turned the front page round and did the headline “Ma-gonna!” and sent it again in 15 minutes flat.

What are your top three front covers?
Our front pages when Bowie and Prince died were cleared out of all our racks. There wasn’t one left. And they were being sold on eBay for a tenner. I also loved “The Real Game of Thrones”, which covered the Tory leadership battle in 2016, simply because of all the work we put into making it look great.

“What’s the best Metro headline you’ve ever come up with?
There have been so many. Ha ha! “Hammond Eggs On His Face”, “This Is What Brexit Looks Like From Space”, “Duke of Porkies”…”

To celebrate the day itself, don’t forget to pick up your copy of today’s Metro, which features “21 things you never knew about the world’s best free newspaper”:

  1. “The ultimate good deed feed arrived in July 2016. Metro reunited a woman abandoned as a baby in a phone box with the passer-by who saved her life”.
  2. “Rush Hour Crush has celebrated three weddings”. 
  3. “We’ve raced the streets of Rome with James Bond”.

Not able to pick up a copy today? You can find the story in this month’s Campaign.

Speaking to Campaign, Young said: "Metro newspaper provides a vital anchor of information for millions of young commuters across the country every morning on their way to work and, because we are trusted, we continue to go from strength to strength.

“As Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer wrote in support of the original Riepl’s law hypothesis: ‘Books have not replaced storytelling. Newspapers have not replaced books; radio has not replaced newspapers; and television has not replaced radio. It follows that the Internet will not replace television or newspapers.’ A paper is so easy to read and Metro is engaging and entertaining its readers just as well today as it did when it launched 21 years ago."


by Hannah Ohm Thomas 16/03/20

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