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Mail Force One lands on Sky

The Daily Mail has launched an ad campaign to raise funds for its charity that provides protective gear for NHS and care home heroes working on the frontline.

The “Give them a real hand” commercial which is running across the Sky network – including Sky One (during Modern Family), Sky Sports and Discovery – is aimed at boosting supplies for workers who continue to put their lives on the line every single day. 

Mail Force One launched in April when the newspaper flew in 20 tons of PPE – worth one million pounds – from China to help stem the shortage of the lifesaving kit at the height of the pandemic.

Since then the Daily Mail has raised £10million and has distributed over 100 tons of personal protective equipment, with as much of it sourced from the UK as possible.   

The charity has won widespread support and backing from the worlds of royalty, business and celebrity including the Duchess of Cornwall, Emma Thompson, Marc Benioff, Salesforce founder and CEO and the Tetrapak heir and his wife, Hans and Julia Rausing.

The Mail has also received a staggering 54,000 cheques from readers.

Robert Hardman, one of the Daily Mail writers who has been involved in the charity from the start, said: ‘Many of us have been involved with great Daily Mail campaigns before but it’s hard to think of one which has had such a powerful, instant, emotional response from so many people. Some of the letters pouring in are extremely moving. There has been a real connection. 

“And one of the most rewarding aspects for all those involved has been to see what it means when Mail Force arrives at a care home or a hospital or a charity. Sometimes there is bunting, often there is applause. People have even baked cakes! It’s not just a question of supply. Here is a tangible expression of public support – and it means that no one has to lie awake at night wondering if there will be enough masks or aprons in the cupboard next week. We cannot thank our readers enough.’

by Rupert Smith 09/07/20

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