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Roy Greenslade praises British journalism

Greenslade claims that "we know how to do it, and we are doing it better than anyone else".

In yesterday's Evening Standard Roy Greenslade, professor of journalism at City University London and regular blogger for the Guardian, summarised the reasons why many British newspaper sites are experiencing record levels of online traffic.

Rather than a fleeting upturn, Greenslade says that the positive trend should "be seen in the context of a consistent long-term upward trajectory for the leading British based media organisations".

According to Greenslade there are three main reasons for the growing international popularity of British journalism – language, timezone and trust. The advantage of the English language, "the lingua franca of the modern world" and the fact that the UK’s waking timezone overlaps with the US, Africa and Asia means that it is practical and easy for people around the world to access UK news sites.

Thirdly trust is, Greeslade states, the "aspect that really counts" and internationally there is a "genuine respect for the credibility of the British media".

Drawing attention to the spikes in US traffic which a number of London based papers experienced during the Sandy Hook massacre and the Boston bombings, as well as investigations such as the Guardian’s NSA files, Greenslade states that there is another "X factor" which is at work in aiding the popularity of the British media: "It is the combination of long-held technical journalistic skills combined with an acute understanding of how best to use digital tools".

Read the full article here.


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