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Guardian survey finds brands can cause happiness

The Guardian’s Mood of the Nation survey, consisting of 2,141 UK adults, found that brands can activate happiness, with an estimated 67%of the British population identifying a brand that made them happy.

The most commonly cited happiness-inducing brand was John Lewis, with 8% of all people asked saying that the department store increased their happiness levels. Following this, Marks & Spencer and Amazon were mentioned by 6% of people.

While the survey estimates that 67% of the British population are made happy because of a brand, this proportion equated to 79% of Guardian readers being able to name a brand that engenders positive emotions.

In response to the open ended question - “Are there any brands which make you happy?” - around 600 brand names served as answers.

The main reasons that created the emotion towards brands were products, service, ethical factors, quality, friendly staff, prices and value. 

As well as having the power to directly make people happy, the survey found that brands can also activate happiness by encouraging people to be more active in all aspects of their lives. According to the survey, being active is the biggest single contributor to people’s wellbeing, with 74% of those with above average activity levels describing themselves as happy.

In addition, happier people are more likely to buy products, with 86% of people who are happy being more active consumers.

Guardian wellbeing survey

Source: the Guardian


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