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Sun onboard with digital revolution

Speaking at IAB UK’s Brand Forum on 8 August, Hamish White, head of engineering platforms at News UK, discussed how The Sun’s new digital offering, Sun+, will help to transform the brand for the better in the wake of a technological revolution.

As well as offering The Sun a more sustainable business model for its online output, White said he hoped the Sun+ will assist the paper's transition into a more "family-friendly entertainment brand".

With a current readership of around seven million, The Sun's new focus on digital is motivated by its desire to provide up to date news and entertainment throughout the day.

Through research that The Sun has conducted, it has been discovered that newspaper reading is presently at its peak in the morning. The role for Sun+ therefore will be to attract paying readers throughout the day on both the morning and the evening commute, with the objective of becoming a competitive online newsbrand, accessible online and via tablet and mobile.

The Sun has ensured that Sun+ offers three products in particular. The first is digital entertainment and giveaways, such as the free three month access to Napster that the service currently offers. The second is football, with The Sun boasting exclusive rights to Barclays Premier League football highlights, alongside a range of football shows and commentary.

The third is perks, with Sun+ offering readers up to £226 in savings during August on top of its annual £9.50 holiday scheme.

In doing so the publisher hopes to turn Sun+ into a central hub, with a dedicated and loyal readership. This will not only allow The Sun to better tailor its own output to its readers, but also help advertisers to better target their campaigns.

Source: Warc


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