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One ad this week that stands above the rest is Oatly, the famous Swedish oat milk brand. It has dominated many of our national news brands with its clever launch of its yoghurt Oatgurt. 

We break from tradition this week, as we were so impressed by the way Oatly has dominated many of our national news brands with a bland but also ingenious message. 

The Swedish oat milk brand is no stranger to unique ad campaigns, back in January 2020 it promoted the Oatly jingle hotline in the Metro which was a bizarre but memorable ad. Prior to that, the brand called out the food industry in The Guardian, asking other brands to reveal the climate impact of its products.

This time it has gone for a combination of the two. 

The ads are ‘bizarre’ in that it makes no effort to say how amazing or delicious its new Oatgurt is. They are content to celebrate the fact that it simply tastes normal, or exactly like you’d expect any dairy based yoghurt to taste. 

It also once again attacks the mainstream food industry, albeit in a more subtle way. The brand continues to use the word normal not only to describe its taste but to criticise how brands have pre-conditioned us to think it is normal for animals to be used as a sort of processing plant.  

Its strategy with these ads and products is not to turn everyone vegan but to encourage consumers to try something a bit different, and these ads are certainly going to achieve that. 

Hats off to Oatly and its boringly normal Oatgurt. 

Sam Hudson 08/10/20

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