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Stand out ads 2020

Throughout the year we have collated our favourite ads that appeared in our news brands. This week, the Newsworks team took a look back at the ads and created a gallery of the best ones. Not only do they have great creative but also tell a story of how things have changed so drastically this year. From Oatly to KFC, Ecover to Landrover, enjoy!


The Oatly jingle hotline takes over with a Metro cover wrap, they're waiting for your call (January).


Are you a coconut or a gravy? Innocent solves everyone's dairy-free dilemma with their handy full-page flowchart ad (January).


It's about ****** time. Tesco announces it now has plasters available in three skin tones (February).

KFC and Uber Eats

To have and to fold: KFC and Uber Eats team up in news brands to make the course of true love run a little more smoothly (February).

Paddy Power

Give our NHS better odds: stay at home this weekend! Paddy Power appeals to sports fans to do their bit during the coronavirus pandemic (April).

Talk Talk

Whether it's conference calls in your pyjamas or yoga in the living room, TalkTalk keeps everyone connected (May).


Passengers give their thanks to drivers who have continued to accommodate everyone despite increased concerns over health and wellbeing (May).


The cleaning brand has a message of positivity for the future as they push their Covid-19 profits into eco startups (June).


A humorous ad from the infamous love it or hate it spread - the real sin would be to waste it (June)!

Talk Sport

Put the boxsets back in the drawers and put away the cake mixture. Football is coming home (June)!

Land Rover

Celebrating the iconic car's 50th anniversary, Land Rovers showcases the evolution of the Range Rover through its print ads (June).


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