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ABC: Newsbrand traffic continues to grow

Newsbrand websites enjoy positive year on year increases in the latest ABC release, while The Independent posts impressive monthly figures.

The latest ABC online figures, for December 2012, show an increase for all the national newspaper websites. MailOnline leads the way with over seven million daily average unique browsers, up by more than 45% year on year. MailOnline passed the seven million mark for the first time in November 2012.

The Telegraph's website recorded a 30% year on year increase to 2.8 million daily average unique browsers, while saw a 25% rise to 3.7 million browsers.

The Independent's digital platform posted a 28% year on year increase to 971,000 daily average unique browsers - up 14% month on month. The title's total monthly figure also enjoyed growth, up 19% month on month from 17.8 million to 21.25 million. The amount of traffic being driven by its comments section is thought to have doubled since the Independent Voices site was launched last September.

Zach Leonard, managing director of digital at The Independent, said: "‘Our strong December audience and usage growth resulted from provocative journalism in Independent Voices, more active engagement with users commenting and reacting to stories, and sustained focus on search engine optimisation."

Meanwhile, The Sun's site witnessed a 17% year on year rise to almost 1.6 million daily average unique browsers, Mirror Group Digital saw an 18% year on year rise to 859,000 browsers and posted a 10% year on year increase to 143,000 daily average unique browsers.

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ABC: December 2012 - year on year growth

ABC December 2012

SiteDec-12 Daily AverageDec-12 Total MonthlyYear/Year % Daily AverageYear/Year% Total Monthly
MailOnline 7,038,933 114,037,081 45.49 35.48
Telegraph 2,810,393 56,624,847 30.35 32.61
The Independent 970,899 21,251,877 28.00 34.22 3,681,821 68,612,729 25.36 N/A
Mirror Group Digital 859,318 18,488,370 18.26 13.35
The Sun 1,562,470 24,635,117 16.68 11.31 143,397 3,305,987 10.02 3.34



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