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The Daily Mirror's green climate issue

“The Climate Issue is Everybody’s Issue”.

Yesterday the Daily Mirror launched its Climate Issue, a special edition devoted to the climate crisis, supported by a marketing campaign that highlights the need for all segments of society to join the fight, with the inclusive strapline: “The Climate Issue is Everybody’s Issue”.

The campaign aimed to take the climate conversation beyond its most active existing supporters and instead ignite a sense of immediacy for people from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Reach CMO Jo Bacon said: “Climate change is the most important issue of our time and one that we know really concerns large numbers of our readers, so we were keen to reflect this with an impactful campaign across our platforms.

We have worked hand in hand with our editorial teams to help address our readers’ need for insight and information that matters to them. Our aim is to help democratise the issue, delivering the message that climate change is already affecting all Britons right now, right on their doorsteps. We hope that telling this story in a direct, compelling way will bring more people across the whole of Britain to the point of action and the understanding that even small changes can make a difference.”

Daily Mirror Editor Alison Phillips said: “Speaking to so many scientists and activists has really opened my eyes to the scale of change that we need to avoid almost unimaginable human suffering. I truly believe that a cooperative effort on par with wartime mobilisation could save us, but this can only happen if we include everyone in that effort. Many Mirror readers are already keen grassroots activists and I don't think the climate movement has fully tapped into all that powerful potential yet. Our job is to help change that."

The special issue has also attracted several advertisers who have created bespoke creative for the edition (such as Iceland, Smart Energy and Cheeky Panda), or have incorporated the Daily Mirror Climate Issue stamp in support of the issue. In addition, the proposition has brought in a number of new advertisers for the title, including Coca Cola, Peugeot, MG Motors and Egni.

The marketing campaign is being primarily driven online across all Daily Mirror platforms, plus print placements throughout the Daily Mirror this week. 

Editorial highlights, both online and in print include:

- “A baby born today” – telling the story of climate change via interviews with mothers of 2019 newborns from the UK and around the world.

- “Your climate future” widget – an interactive data journalism widget that allows you to input your birthday and see what climate effects you can expect to see in your lifetime, according to the experts.

- "UK hotspots" – reporting from the areas already hit hardest by the effects of climate change, and likely to see dramatic effects in the near future, with predictions from our expert panel.


Hannah Ohm Thomas 14/11/19

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