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The Sun: “Logged in users are worth twice as much”

The Sun’s digital marketing director Paul Hood talks audience segmentation and profiling at DigiTech Day London.

Discussing the techniques and tools that The Sun uses to fuel its monetisation strategy, Hood said: “We’re looking to introduce a much broader suite of paid and registration proposals across The Sun for the year ahead… Logged in users are worth twice as much as non-logged in users.”

Four years after removing its paywall, The Sun now seeks to engage online audiences via daily content related quizzes and predictor games. This allows it to gather user data, so that next time readers engage with The Sun, adverts are more targeted. As Hood puts it: “If someone’s done a quiz you will know their age, gender and what their interests are so you can then feed that back to advertisers. So the next time they visit the advertising will be more relevant.” 

He added: “We see it that there's always got to be a value exchange so we'll only seek additional information from people if it improves the experience that we can offer them.” 

Using News IQ, News UK’s data platform, advertisers can target users based on opinions, preferences and emotions. A priority for 2019 is to continue segmenting The Sun’s audience, with audience profiling playing a central role in the publisher’s strategic direction.

So far, the numbers in favour of personalisation speak for themselves. The Sun’s readers who receive personalised content have an average of 25 more-page views per month than off-platform users.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

by Hannah Ohm Thomas 04/04/19

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