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Women own more tablets than men

According to research from YouGov, women have overtaken men in the tablet ownership stakes for the first time.

The survey, which consisted of 3,824 British adults, revealed that 52% of tablets in the UK are now owned by women; nearly a 10% year on year increase from 2012's 43%. Accordingly the amount of tablets owned by men in the UK has decreased by the same amount, from 57% in 2012 to 48% in 2013.

YouGov's research indicates that the cause for this gendered shift in tablet ownership stems from women acquiring older tablet models, the iPad 1 and 2, of which women own 60%, as well as the iPad Mini, 58% of which are owned by women.

Other findings from the research show that tablet ownership is becoming more mainstream with 22% of the UK population now possessing one and ownership increasing among most age groups, significantly among 18-34 year olds.

John Gilbert, lead director at YouGov technology and telecoms, said: "The early adopters of tablets have typically been affluent males. As they buy the latest models, they have placed their old devices on to the secondary market or give them to other members of their household.

"A growing number of females and under-35s own older tablets, while affluent males have the more recent iPad 3 and 4 and Samsung devices. Add to this the fact that it is women and young people driving the popularity of iPad Mini in the UK and it is clear where the surge in tablet ownership among females and under-35s comes from."

YouGov's research comes the day after Google released the results of a global report showing that tablet usage has tripled year on year in the UK, with 30% of the population using one, while smartphone usage has doubled year on year, with 62% of the population using one.

The research also shows that the UK is one of the most connected countries, along with Norway and the Netherlands, with people using an average of three devices. In comparison the average number of devices used in the US is 2.9 and in China it is 1.4. In the 35 countries that were monitored for the study, most people use more than one connected device.

In the UK, three quarters of smartphone users go online via their device daily and 80% would never leave the house without it.

In tandem with rising usage of smartphones, the report also revealed that people are becoming more comfortable with purchasing items via smartphones, with 61% using them to research or purchase items or services.

Sources: The Telegraph and The Drum


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