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D&G publish press release in The Telegraph

The double page, centre spread in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph features a press release signed by the designers.

Having last month been sentenced to 20 months in prison for tax evasion, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana closed their Milan shops on Saturday in protest at the ruling.

In a press release in Saturday's Daily Telegraph, the designers explained that the closing of the stores "is a symbol of disdain" for "how we are being treated by the City of Milan". On the opposite page the press release deatiled that the duo "were accused of an unfaithful tax return declaration for having duly indicated "only" the amount which was effectively recieved and not the amount (billions, according to a fanciful hypothesis of the Italian Revenue Agency) that they could have earned in theory". 

The spread is one of a number of recent examples of companies utilising long copy print ads to address controversial issues. Starbucks used the format to apologise to readers after it was revealed it paid minimal corporation tax and Tesco followed suit during the horse meat scandal. 

Another example occured this week with notable figures taking out ad space in The Times to publish a letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey, condemning the violence used against rioters in Istanbul last month.  

D&G press release in The Daily Telegraph


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