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Adaptable ads get more clicks

New data from Appsnack shows that advertisers are more likely to pick adaptable ad formats and people are more likely to click on them.

The research, which consisted of global analysis of mobile ad campaigns in Q1 2013, showed that advertisers are six times more likely to pick ad formats that adapt to the size of a mobile screen rather than standard industry sizes. Likewise people are four times more likely to click on Snackbar ads, which automatically format to 10% of the screens size, rather than a standard industry-sized ad.

In total, 86% of ad views on mobile devices consisted of Snackbar format ads, with them also accounting for 96% of ad clicks, whereas standard industry-sized ads accounted for only 14% of ad views.

In terms of the devices on which ads are displayed, tablet users are 24% more likely than smartphone users to click on a Snackbar ad, which Appsnack suggests could be due to the suitability of tablets for browsing and shopping when compared to smartphones. However, smartphone users are 26% more likely to activate expanding ad formats to full size.

Niki Stoker, managing director of Exponential UK, the owner of Appsnack, said: "Advertisers are increasingly moving to mobile ads that can automatically adapt to whatever screen size a person is using. Not only are the click-through rates higher, they are the only ad to appear on a page so the advertiser gets a higher share of voice. In turn, ad wastage is reduced for publishers... We are just beginning to define what 'success' means in a mobile campaign. These results indicate the industry should be shifting focus more towards brand awareness campaigns as the technology behind mobile ads improves to boost impressions, consumer engagement and, ultimately, brand value."

Source: MediaTel


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