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#MissingPiece: Mail Metro Media censors words to say more about climate change

The publisher teams up with Smart Energy to create a bespoke cover wrap highlighting the world's climate emergency.

On Tuesday’s edition of the Metro newspaper, the paper's cover wrap by Smart Energy highlighted energy efficiency as the missing piece in the global climate change discussion, as Extinction Rebellion protestors continue to keep the debate in the media this week.

The four page cover wrap looked like a typical Metro front page but with key words and images redacted. This format continued on the inside back page, with editorial torn down the middle to reveal the words: “Energy efficiency is the missing piece in the climate change debate…” A double-page spread inside the paper amplified the message further and encouraged readers to join a greener, smarter future.

Grant Woodthorpe, Executive Director – Investment at Mail Metro Media said: “We love to create bespoke advertising solutions with our partners, especially those that will grab the attention of Metro’s valuable commuter audience. This campaign was particularly topical this week for Smart Energy and something we knew our readers would engage with.”

The creative cover wrap was well-discussed on social media – users praised the attention-grabbing design with comments like: “THANK YOU! It might be an advert but it is eye catching as hell” and: “Bravo. Great use of front page ad”. 

This is yet another example of how brands are using the power of news brands and their audiences to communicate about the topics that matter.


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