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‘Britain Talks’ brings the country together over a cup of tea

Reach’s campaign to cure a divided nation brings together 1,600 polarised readers to discuss the topics dominating our headlines.

Earlier this year, the Mirror and Express launched ‘Britain Talks’ to encourage readers to get out of their comfort zone and talk to people with differing political views.

4,166 people signed up to the initiative as the brands took the opportunity to leverage the variance in views between the publication’s readers.

Readers were asked to fill in a survey about their political statements and based on results, matched to other readers using My Country Talks’ technology.

From Edinburgh to London, people from across the country met on the 24th June – the third anniversary of the Brexit vote – to meet and discuss their views.

The Mirror’s Real Britain columnist Ros Wynne-Jones told Press Gazette it had been a “great journalistic experience”. She commented: “The fact that 4,000 people wanted to take part in such a polarised time in our politics has given me hope just that people would be open enough and willing to take that risk.”

Wynne-Jones added: “I feel like we are all quite shattered but it’s been an amazing thing to do and there’s not a lot of hope out there in the political world at the moment so being able to do something positive has felt like a great journalistic experience.”

For an overview of ‘Britian Talks’ stories visit the Daily Mirror’s dedicated news section.

Source: Press Gazette

Hannah Ohm Thomas 27/06/19

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