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Climate change artwork

The Guardian asks three leading artists to create back covers for their Weekend supplement on climate change.

Olafur Eliasson: Sunlight Graffiti

Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson used a solar panelled lamp, along with a long exposure camera, to paint a picture with streaks of light. This project is part of a greater initiative aimed at helping people in Sub-Saharan Africa, by swapping their petroleum lamps with solar powered ones. The artist’s aim was to experiment with how we experience nature, as well as bring light to the impact oil has on the environment and how we can reduce this.

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Jeremy Deller: I Should Be So Lucky

 Guardian weekend ad 3


 The artist Jeremy Deller originally took the idea from the song “I should be so lucky” by Kylie Minogue. It illustrates how – unlike the concepts of apocalypse and disaster – the biggest killer  on earth is the extinction of insects. He believes that not enough people focus on the animals that really matter; everyone cares about endangered wild animals, while we actually need bees and bugs to survive.

Jeremy Deller: Fuck You CO2


The artist Jeremy Deller first heard the phrase “fuck you CO2” from climate change protests carried out by teenagers. It displays a clear message, within a clear format. He believes that writing it down and putting it on a poster gives the statement more power.

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Helen Cammock: Crying Is Never Enough 

Guardian weekend ad 2

The artist Helen Cammock used carefully chosen words to convey the need for action against climate change. She wants to make it clear that emotion and awareness cannot fix the issue; the only way anything will change is by actively changing it. The use of the teal colour as a background connotes to the natural world, as well as giving a sense of calm.

Lucy Markham 02/07/19

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