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British Journalism Awards 2019 finalists revealed

'Bravery is the quality that shines through' said Chair Dominic Ponsford

The British Journalism Awards recognises quality journalism that both serves the public interest and is interesting to the public and attracts submissions from every major UK journalism organisation.

Chairman of the judges and Press Gazette editor-in-chief Dominic Ponsford said: “Because our entry criteria is so strict publications really do only enter their best work, making the job of the judges particularly hard.

“With only about 20 per cent of entries making it to the shortlists, being a finalist at the British Journalism Awards is a superb achievement in itself.

“One quality shines through all the shortlists: bravery. Again and again journalists have pitted themselves against powerful vested interests to provide a voice for the voiceless and shine a light into the murkiest areas of Britain and the wider world”.

The winners will be announced at an awards dinner, which will be held on 10 December at the Hilton Bankside in London.

Source: Press Gazette

The national news brand finalists are:

Arts and Entertainment 

Grant Tucker – The Sunday Times:
‘Mums like me shouldn’t be burying our 19-year-olds kids, should we?’
My genes are white but I’m black
The lady is for turning into Mrs T — Scully is Maggie in The Crown


Oliver Wainright – Guardian News & Media:
I’ve seen the future and it’s Norwich: the energy-saving, social housing revolution
Snubbed, cheated, erased: the scandal of architecture’s invisible women
Horror on the Hudson: New York’s $25bn architectural fiasco


Tom Bryant – Daily Mirror:
Green Jamie’s £5m deal with Shell
Liam: I was so lucky to escape knifeman
Dumbo: Fury as Clunes rides elephant whilst patron of charity opposed


Mark Brown – Guardian News & Media
Plans for huge roof bar at Royal Festival Hall condemned as shocking
Pet project: roadkill helps radical art group defy the norm
You’ve been warned: London theatre details offensive scenes in advance 

Business and Economics Journalism

Rob Davies – Guardian News & Media:
Ladbrokes wooed problem gambler – then paid victims £1m
Government’s FOBT decision influenced by ‘discredited’ report
Viagogo releases data showing huge scale of ticket touting


Ruth Sunderland  – Daily Mail:
Metro hunts for new chairman
Deal! Noel ‘wins £5m’ after his bitter row with Lloyds
Is this ‘Lord’ to blame for the biggest savings scandal in 30 years


Simon Goodley – The Guardian:
Banned but still in business: law fails to stop rogue landlords
Freezing UK tower block was cash cow for foreign investors
Uncovered: the £200m theme park, the businessman – and the missing millions 

Campaign of the Year 

Duty of care – The Telegraph (Paul Nuki, Charles Hymas and team)
End this injustice – Daily Express (Liz Perkins)
Join the hospital help force – Daily Mail 
Normandy memorial – Daily Mail (Robert Hardman)
Segregated playgrounds – Guardian News & Media (Harriet Grant, Aamna Mohdin andChris Michael)
Helen’s law – Daily Mirror (Fiona Duffy)
Locked up for being autistic – Mail on Sunday (Ian Birrell) 

Comment Journalism

Alex Brummer – Daily Mail:
Has no one got the guts to solve our elderly care crisis?
Like all Neil Woodford investors, I feel utterly betrayed. And the more we learn, the angrier I get
Why I, as a passionate Brexiteer, believe a vote against May’s deal would be an act of national stupidity


Brian Reade – Daily Mirror:
Doff your cap or you will be dismissed as a Poundland Lenin
Why Boris is not fit to be PM
Failing Grayling’s the new poster boy for blundering Britain


Dominic Lawson – The Sunday Times:
‘Nick’ goes to jail, but his promoters go scot-free
Granny knew, and now so does Frank Field
Parents of vulnerable adults deserve a voice


Ian Birrell – The i
The care system remains twisted
Serious contender for serious times


Marina Hyde – Guardian News & Media:
Welcome to the Westminster apocalypse. Have you thought about theocracy instead?
Poor Prince Andrew is ‘appalled’ by Epstein. Let that be an end to it
Dazed and confused, Johnson stumbles into the twilight zone with a police escort


Nesrine Malik – Guardian News & Media:
Indulging Steve Bannon is just a form of liberal narcissism
Until Christchurch I thought it was worth debating with Islamophobes. Not any more
Hillary Clinton’s chilling pragmatism gives the far right a free pass


Tom Peck – The Independent:
To frighten the EU into believing we are serious about no-deal Brexit, the country has staged a fake traffic jam all the way to Dover
Why does Nigel Farage keep coming back to Clacton? Because it is nothing like Britain
Dominic Cummings, the latest self-appointed genius to run 10 Downing Street, is the most deluded of them all 

Crime and Legal Affairs Journalism 

Anna Moore – Guardian News & Media:
‘I miss him so much’: why did a devoted wife kill the man she loved?
The fatal, hateful rise of choking during sex
‘There’s no end and no escape. You feel so, so exposed’: life as a victim of revenge porn


Stephen Wright – Daily Mail:
‘Nick’: The damning document
So who was to blame for breaking law?
Paedophile mummy’s boy who got twisted sexual kicks from his wicked lies


Tom Harper – The Sunday Times:
Named: British men ‘linked to spies, terrorists, sheikhs and £8bn fraud’
Sunbed boss ‘linked to £8bn fraud that helped bin Laden’
Taxman kept quiet while £8bn fraud helped fund bin Laden


Tom Pettifor – Daily Mirror:
Confession killer: ‘4 more victims’
‘Confession killer’ witness quizzed by cold case cops
Firm’s probation blunders led to arson murder of my darling boy 

Features Journalism

Grace Macaskill – Sunday Mirror:
I covered him with a blanket and he said, ‘good night darling’.. then I woke up in the hospital
Amber cried out for help.. nobody listened to her
The last time I spoke to Amelie I said, see you tomorrow… but there was no tomorrow


Anushka Asthana – Guardian News & Media:
Today in Focus: Growing up with gangs, poverty and knife crime


Simon Hattenstone and Daniel Lavelle – Guardian News & Media:
The homeless death of Aimee Teese: ‘I didn’t think it would come to this at 30’
The homeless death of Jake Humm: ‘It was my deepest, darkest fear’
The homeless death of Kane Walker: how we let down the kid from careThe empty doorway 

Foreign Affairs Journalism 

Anthony Loyd – The Times:
Bring me home
Corpses pile up on worst day of battle for Tripoli
Suicide pact brothers vow to wreak vengeance on US


Louise Callaghan – The Sunday Times:
Where being an influencer can get you killed
‘The doctors know they’re going to die, so they just keep working’
Caliphate falls but its ‘crocodile’ cells plot to maul the West


Josie Ensor – The Telegraph:
Child of the caliphate
‘She’ll never know she had a mother who loved her’ – Yazidi women forced to abandon their babies born to Isil
Shamima Begum was cruel enforcer in Isil’s morality police, say Syrian witnesses


Tom Phillips – Guardian News & Media:
‘Chaos, chaos, chaos’: a journey through Bolsonaro’s Amazon inferno
‘A slow-motion catastrophe’: on the road in Venezuela, 20 years after Chávez’s rise’
People have had enough’: Mexican town that lynched alleged kidnappers


Health and Life Sciences Journalism 

Andrew Gregory – The Sunday Times:
Britain’s opioid epidemic kills five every day
We are sleepwalking towards carnage in our communities
Charity inquiry over links to opioid lobby


Ben Spencer – Daily Mail:
770,000 denied care bill help in 2 years
A cure for blindness
Victory on pills that devastate lives of millions


Ian Birrell – The Mail on Sunday:
Stop the state from stealing our children
Dr Death who proudly admits he’s killed 140 patients
£730,000: That’s how much health fat cats can rake in every year for each autistic child they lock up


Britain Talks – Daily Mirror (Ros Wynne-Jones, Claire Donnelly, Ann Gripper,  Helen Harper,  Fran Goodman and Maryam Qaiser)
The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Cuba, India and Russia – Guardian News & Media
Women’s sport The Telegraph

Interviewer of the Year

Decca Aitkenhead – The Sunday Times
Russell Brand on his hedonistic past, marriages and becoming a father
Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, on depression, her self‑harm scars and why she’ll never be PM
Actor Rob Delaney opens up about grief and the death of his two-year-old son


Hardley Freeman – The Guardian
Keanu Reeves: ‘Grief and loss, those things don’t ever go away’
Tony Slattery: ‘I had a very happy time until I went slightly barmy’
The Michael Jackson accusers: ‘The abuse didn’t feel strange, because he was like a god’


Helen Carroll – Daily Mail
Aged just nine, Lauren, now 35, lost BOTH parents to the contaminated blood scandal. Today, she’s still waiting for answers – and hasn’t had a penny in compensation…
Mother who has fought for years to prove pollution killed her daughter wins huge breakthrough as she asks: ‘Why did it cost my little girl’s life to expose Britain’s dirty secret?’
‘Sixteen months in prison is not enough for the loss of my brilliant son’s life’: Mother of slain private schoolboy Yousef Makki hits out at sentence for ‘wealthy’ teen friend who stabbed him to death in ‘silly row”Sixteen months in prison is not enough for the loss of my brilliant son’s life’


Patrick Hill – Sunday Mirror
Gareth Thomas reveals he’s living with HIV and says diagnosis left him suicidal
Novichok attack survivor Charlie Rowley fears the poison is slowly killing him
Rugby legend Gareth Thomas will work with Prince Harry to fight spread of HIV



Action fraud – The Times (Paul Morgan-Bentley)
Bet365 undercover – Daily Mail (Tom Payne)
The Prime Minister and the American businesswoman – The Sunday Times (Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott, Gabrial Pogrund)

New Journalist of the Year

Gabriel Pogrund – The Sunday Times
Hanna Yusuf – BBC News
Holly Bancroft – The Mail on Sunday
Scarlet Howes – Sunday Mirror


 Richard Pohle – The Times
Philip Coburn – Daily Mirror


Politics Journalism

John Domokos and John Harris – The Guardian: Anywhere but Westminster
Tim Shipman – The Sunday Times:
Tory party in civil war after Amber Rudd quits
‘Loser’ Jeremy Corbyn rocked as key aide Andrew Fisher walks out
Revealed: Brexit legal advice could sink Theresa May


Toby Helm – The Observer:
Rebel Labour MPs set to quit party and form centre group
Secret report reveals government fear of schools chaos after no-deal Brexit
Boris Johnson seeks legal advice on five-week parliament closure ahead of Brexit 

Scoop of the Year 

Britain’s #Metoo scandal – The Telegraph (Claire Newell)

Liam Neeson: ‘I walked the streets with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by a “black bastard” so that I could kill him’ – The Independent (Clemence Michallon)

Police called to Boris Johnson’s flat – Guardian News & Media (Jim Waterson)

Got him: Catching the speedboat killer – Daily Mail

Bring me home: The Times finds former schoolgirl who fled to join Isis in Syrian refugee camp – The Times (Antony Loyd)

Our man in US says Trump is inept – Mail on Sunday (Isabel Oakeshott)

Operation Chaos: Whitehall’s secret no-deal plan leaked – The Sunday Times (Rosamund Urwin and Caroline Wheeler)

Specialist Journalism

May Bulman – The Independent:
Modern slavery victims ‘drawn back into exploitation’ after Home Office slashes support
Gay woman unlawfully deported from UK was ‘gang-raped and fearing for her life’ after removal to Uganda
How Home Office makes millions a week from outsourcing visas to Dubai-based firm accused of exploitation 

Science Journalism

Damian Carrington – Guardian News and Media
Nada Farhoud – Daily Mirror 

Sports Journalism

Jeremy Wilson – The Telegraph
Matt Lawton – The Times / Daily Mail
Miguel Delaney – The Independent
Mike Keegan, Laura Lambert and Matt Lawton – Daily Mail Sportsmail investigations team
Suzanne Wrack – Guardian News & Media
Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott – Sunday Times Insight 

Technology Journalism 

Alex Hern – Guardian News & Media

Hannah Ohm Thomas 06/11/19

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