Geek Calculator

Geek Calculator

You may be surprised to find out that we’re all geeks now, at least to some
extent. Newsworks research, conducted by Kantar Media, has established
that the UK population is made up of five groups – Quality Seekers, Social Addicts,
Tech Rich, TV Worshippers and Price Pragmatists.

Which of these 15 tech items do you have at home? Click all that apply

Which of the following nine statements
do you agree with?

Function is more important than style
I’d feel completely cut off from the world without my mobile
I love being the first to get new gadgets
The television is always on
in my home

I rely on advice from others when buying tech
I am willing to pay for tech items that will last
I have been known to brag about the technology I own
My friends would describe me as a technology geek
Size matters when it comes to buying a television

Shift 2013 was the first-ever Newsworks conference, highlighting how newspapers are effective and influential platforms in the multiplatform age.

16 April 2013  - The British Library, London