Barclays – Life Skills

Barclays partners with The Times to create a campaign around its LifeSkills programme, addressing youth unemployment.

Brand: Barclays

Agency: Maxus

Media: All platforms

Date: March 2013 


  • Barclays LifeSkills is an education programme and work experience matching service that aims to reach 1 million young people by 2015
  • The strategy behind the partnership was to use The Times to empower real people to take up the cause and bring audiences together
  • Activity launched with an editorial page in The Times, outlining what the campaign was and why the paper had partnered with Barclays
  • Following this there was a strong presence across all platforms including regular hybrid pages (editorial with display ads underneath) and homepage takeovers
  • In June a 'Work Week' took place where The Times ran an eight-page Barclays supplement - 'How to get a job' - offering advice for pupils and parents on transitioning into the world of work.  Across the rest of the week there were Barclays homepage takeovers and hybrid pages on The Times
  • At the start of the new school year (September 2013) activity ran connecting businesses with a teacher audience at a time when they were most likely to be receptive. This included hybrid pages and bespoke supplements

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