True innovation. Is it a realistic company goal?


Blog: Nick Hewat, commercial director at Guardian News & Media, on why we need to stop carping on about innovation and instead focus on everyday small steps.

Hot off the press


Blog: Jessie Sampson, Newsworks' communications executive, writes for INMA about how advertisers can use current events to demonstrate their relevancy and catch readers' attention.

What does i100 offer brands?


Blog: Writing for Carat, Jenny Cornish speaks to Zach Leonard, MD of digital at ESI Media, about what the news and comment platform can offer advertisers and why it's different to what's already out there.

Looking forward by looking back


Blog: Neil Sharman looks at how newsbrands are creating anticipation by reflecting on sporting successes, shocks and sorrows.

Enmity, amity & PATS: peace has broken out in newsbrands


Blog: The newspaper business took a major leap forward this month with the launch of a commercial transaction system designed to enable cross-platform sell, says Rufus Olins, chief executive of Newsworks.

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16 April 2013  - The British Library, London