Jeremy Bullmore asks why newsbrands?


Blog: However valuable the print editions of papers and their revenues are to the industry, the word "newspaper" no longer reflects what they do. Writing for Newsworks' annual review, Jeremy Bullmore works out the theory of newsbrands.

Marrying content and context in newspaper advertising


Blog: Jessie Sampson, Newsworks' communications executive, looks at how newspaper ads can strategically engage with relevant editorial.

What 'Black Eye Friday' reminds us about newsbrands


Blog: Vanessa Clifford, deputy chief executive of Newsworks, discusses the relationship between newsbrands and retail.

Newsbrands - a way of life


Blog: Jessie Sampson, Newsworks' communications executive, on how newsbrands are extending their reach into live events, physical experiences and practical services.

What 2015 will mean for newsbrands


Blog: Charlie Woodall, sponsorship and implementational planning executive at OMD UK, considers what the year ahead will hold for newsbrands.

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