"We've never been stronger"


Blog: Rosemary Gorman, deputy group ad director at Mail Newspapers, speaks to BRAD Insight’s Jeremy Abbott about the success of MailOnline, digital developments and what print newspapers still have to offer.

Print + social media = #winner


Blog: Jessie Sampson, Newsworks' communications executive, writes for INMA about the compatibility between newspaper ads and social media.

It's time media tapped into the bikegeist


Blog: Rufus Olins, CEO of Newsworks, discusses why cycling is a force for good and its presence in the media industry.

"We encouraged i100's team to speak language of the web"


Blog: Chris Smith, UK editor of Digiday, looks at how i100 is showing signs of paying off and speaks to Christian Broughton, digital editor at The Independent, about the venture.

"Newsbrands lead the search for audience measurement"


Blog: Jim Freeman, group sales and trading director at Telegraph Media Group, writes for The Drum about audience measurement, diversified revenue streams and different business models.

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Shift 2013 was the first-ever Newsworks conference, highlighting how newspapers are effective and influential platforms in the multiplatform age.

16 April 2013  - The British Library, London